In 2016 Hit The Lights! was proud to be asked to create two separate scenes for PortFringe's Pop-Up Hamlet. 

So, what exactly is Pop-Up Hamlet? Here's how PortFringe currently describes it:

"We cut Hamlet into twenty scenes, and randomly assigned twenty theater companies one scene each. The artists are free to present their assigned scene however they want — with dance, puppets, a hip-hop remix, the possibilities are endless– as long as scenes are under 10 minutes and incorporate at least one line of original text from their scenes. Audiences can experience POP-UP HAMLET in two ways: in different pop-up locations throughout Portland’s First Friday Art Walk AND/OR in rapid-fire order from start to finish at PORTLAND STAGE COMPANY." 

To be perfectly honest that reference to hip-hop remixing and puppets was us


we had an amazing time with all the wonderful artists and creators in Portland!