A young man falls into the unknown to rescue the thing he holds most dear. Inspired by kabuki, video games, horror movies, and pixar shorts, DUNGEON builds a world where darkness speaks louder than the light.


Encore Winner - Minnesota Fringe 2017

Editor's Pick of Minnesota Fringe 2017 - Twin Cities Arts Reader

Audience Pick of the Fringe- Cincinnati Fringe 2015

Encore Winner - Cincinnati Fringe 2015


Ars Nova - ONE NIGHT STAND February 5, 2018

Ars Nova - ONE NIGHT STAND November 11, 2017

Jungle Theater - Minnesota Fringe 2017

64E4 Mainstage - NYC Fringe 2015

Cincinnati Actor's Studio - Cincinnati Fringe 2015

Portland Stage Company Studio - Portland Fringe 2014


This show is appropriate for ages 12 and up



Using handmade shadow puppets, vintage overhead projectors, and a punk scum house band, Hit the Lights! Theater Co. invites you to catch a glimpse of the world that brought us a certain legendary white whale and the men who hunt him.

Nominated for three New York Innovative Theater Awards 

 *Outstanding Original Design (puppets)*

*Outstanding Original Music*

 *Outstanding Premiere of a Play* 



The Hive -- Brooklyn, NY 3.23 - 4.2 2017

The Empire - Port Fringe 2016




In 2016 The Know theater of cincinnati COMMISSIONED htl! to create an H.p. lovecraft inspired immersive theatrical event for their season            

Part walking tour, part haunted house, and part theatre, The Other Rhine took sold-out audiences through The Mockbee and Reliance Metal buildings in Cincinnati’s Brewery District, in an immersive story that blended truth and fiction, revealing the horror that lurks beneath the streets of Cincinnati.

It began with a simple invitation…

"Join us for the Bring Bellevue Brewery and Beerhall Back tour! Our Executive Director Scott Kaufman will lead you on a journey back into Cincinnati history to learn about brewing and the intriguing story of those who made beer at the old brewery.
With your help, we can bring the Bellevue Brewery back to its former glory!"

However, the adventure turned out to be anything but simple and culminated in a warehouse shaking blast of cosmic terror.

Rated: PG-13

More info here: http://knowtheatre.com/the-other-rhine/



Samantha Blain
Kristopher Dean
Claron Hayden
Casey Leach
Carli Rhoades
Mikayla Stanley


Sarah Durham
Ryan Garret
Spencer Lackey
Marissa Mishi
Julia Netzer
Josh Reiter
Michaela Tropeano

Creative Team:

created by Hit the Lights! Theater Co.
scenic & lighting design by Hit the Lights! & Andrew J. Hungerford
costume design by Noelle Wedig
sound design by Claron Hayden & Doug Borntrager
props design & scenic art by Sarah Beth Hall




In 2016 Hit The Lights! was proud to be asked to create two separate scenes for PortFringe's Pop-Up Hamlet. 

So, what exactly is Pop-Up Hamlet? Here's how PortFringe currently describes it:

"We cut Hamlet into twenty scenes, and randomly assigned twenty theater companies one scene each. The artists are free to present their assigned scene however they want — with dance, puppets, a hip-hop remix, the possibilities are endless– as long as scenes are under 10 minutes and incorporate at least one line of original text from their scenes. Audiences can experience POP-UP HAMLET in two ways: in different pop-up locations throughout Portland’s First Friday Art Walk AND/OR in rapid-fire order from start to finish at PORTLAND STAGE COMPANY." 

To be perfectly honest that reference to hip-hop remixing and puppets was us


we had an amazing time with all the wonderful artists and creators in Portland!